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Do you need to arrange the shipment of dangerous goods? 

Our employees know that to transport dangerous goods by plane,  by road or rail involves risk. They know observing all safety rules and take full responsibility for the organization of all stages of cargo preparation for shipment.

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A guide to shipping hazardous cargo

Proper packaging and marking are crucial to prevent leaks, spills, and accidents during transit. Packaging must meet strict standards to contain and protect the goods.

For ship dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail, or inland waterway, you must pack, label and transport them so they are compliant with international regulations.

DG Packing

Dangerous goods are handled separately from regular cargo and passengers. Specialized staff is trained to handle these materials safely.Our team of hazmat experts provide a variety of dangerous goods consulting services to businesses in a number of industries.

Consulting DG

DGM supports companies to cost effectively comply with the ruling legislation, through the following services
Complete all necessary documentation, including a Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods, Air Waybill, and any additional permits or certificates required for specific substances.

Documentation DG

Personnel involved in the transportation of dangerous goods must undergo specialized training and obtain certification to ensure they can handle these materials safely.

Our training has been awarded IATA Accredited School status. We provide training in the field of transporting dangerous goods for almost all categories 

IATA Training
IATA training Luxembourg
courses cargo agent in civil aviation

IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC)

Reduce risky hazards with our training on dangerous goods.

Businesses that handle, store, or transport hazardous materials are subject to stringent regulations. They rely on trained people who are knowledgeable about the legal guidelines governing the storage and transportation of such products.

We provide the thorough instruction and training mandated by law for anyone engaged in dangerous operations and the transportation of dangerous goods. Our course offerings cover the most recent regulations and rules pertaining to land, rail, inland waterways, and maritime transportation of hazardous materials.

We developed this training based on our extensive industry expertise. Our seminars are led by carefully selected professionals who can impart their expertise in a useful and practical way.

Our DG training has been approved by DAC Luxembourg. This enables us to provide training in the field of transporting dangerous goods for almost all categories of personnel in accordance with the requirements of Section 1.5 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Courses and final examinations are conducted in English to facilitate study. The timetable includes basic and refresher courses.  A certificate of attendance is issued on the day following the successful completion of the examination.

Training regulations
According to current requirements, an employee whose work involves dangerous goods must undergo periodic training every two years. The validity of the certificate is calculated from the date of the completion of the training. Regardless of the form of training, the examination takes place under the supervision of an instructor. Identification of the trainee's identity is required before the start of the examination. 

The Aviation Academy Luxembourg provides training for those who want to find work in civil aviation, logistics, and tourism.
One of our key indicators is the percentage of students employed. At our academy, we teach the latest methods and rules for work, give practical skills, and show cases of real examples of work.
We invite only practitioners onto the teaching staff, select useful videos, and organize the learning process as comfortably as possible.

Since we opened our doors, we've helped around 200 students achieve their dreams and pursue careers in aviation and logistics.
We teach to modern standards and keep abreast of the latest developments in legislation and regulation in the aviation industry, so our students can thrive in today's competitive business environment.
With a wide range of knowledge and programs and excellent instructors, our students are successfully interviewed and employed.

Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our Dangerous Goods.

What are Dangerous Goods?

A guide to shipping hazardous cargo is the online software solution that contains everything to manage all your dangerous goods related activities.
Integrating automated Dangerous Goods Management solutions
DGOffice is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems and can be integrated within your own network environment.
online solution define the classification DG
sipping aircraft

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