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Dangerous goods regulations

Consultation dangerous goods
for air transport

Consulting servis dangerous goods

Arrive safely dangerous goods by air

packing dangerous goods by air

Do you want to ship dangerous goods by air, sea or road? Don't risk having your shipment stopped due to poor packaging, poor hazard labels or incorrect declarations. It could cost you time, money, and even serious fines. Let the DGM Luxembourg experts take care of your shipping needs.

To transport dangerous goods, you need to know the answers to five important questions:

1. What documents are required for the transport of DG?

2. How to pack the DG?

3. How to mark and label DG?

4. How to declare DG?

5. What are the restrictions on transportation DG?

Before offering a dangerous good to an air carrier for shipment, the Hazardous Materials Regulations require you, the shipper, to properly classify, package, mark and label the package to identify the hazard.
Handling, packing and transport of Dangerous Goods are subject to rules and regulations. This includes transportation by Air (IATA / ICAO), Road (ADR), Rail (RID) and or Water (IMDG).
All companies and staff working with and/or transporting dangerous substances, have to comply to these rules and regulations by law. Not doing so can pose a potential danger to people, environment and properties.
Potential hazardous consequences therefore must be avoided. 

Our team of consultants advise, train and guide our customers and their employees through the execution process of shipping and storing dangerous goods. These regulations are complex and often raise questions. 
We offer advice to our customers in regard to how to store, handle and ship dangerous goods safely and correctly.

Our team of hazmat experts provide a variety of dangerous goods consulting services to businesses in a number of industries.
Put our experience and expertise to work for your organization.
Give us a call today at +352-24569494
or contact us online for more information about our dangerous goods consulting services, or to schedule a consultation. is the online software solution that contains everything to manage all your dangerous goods related activities.

Integrating automated Dangerous Goods Management solutions
DGOffice is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems and can be integrated within your own network environment.
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