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Did you know about these five rare professions at the airport?

1. Birdman Every major airport has a person who drives around in a truck with the word "BIRDMAN" painted across the side of the vehicle. Their sole job is to scare away birds. An unusual but very interesting and responsible position at the airport. She/he needs to ensure that birds do not gather at the airfield and nearby areas, as well as observe and record birds and their migrations.

2. Librarian It turns out that there is a position at the airport that forms the library fund. This person monitors new publications on professional topics, purchases necessary literature and subscribes employees to the media if requested.

3. Master of gas and smoke protection This person checks, refills and repairs compressed air breathing devices and her/his tools include a complete set of fire-technical equipment.

4. Arctic man This profession is responsible for defrosting or de-icing the aircraft in winter. Aircrafts that stand for a longer time in winter must be de-defrosted before take-off. One way to deice airplanes is to heat and connect them to the power plant. The job of the Arctic Man is to inspect and control such equipment. She/he must ensure that they are filled with gasoline and work without failure. A secondary part of this work is to check the fuel level on all vehicles that airport employees use on the runway.

5. Cable Splicer Here you need a specialized secondary electrical education, which will help cut low-voltage and high-voltage cables, mount cable sleeves and terminations, and identify damaged areas in the insulation.

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