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How to ship cargo by air?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In its development, the logistics industry has come a long way. Transportation by air still retains its status as the most expensive, though.

Air freight might have the highest shipping costs, but it is unrivalled in speed.

3 situations when you can't do without an airplane: - The need to deliver on short notice. A faster method than this does not yet exist. This category includes both shipments with short shelf life, such as medications, plants and animals, presses and any others that require rapid delivery for another reason. - High value of the contents. The goods loaded on board are much more protected against theft or spoilage than on the highway or at sea. - Lack of infrastructure at the point of arrival for other modes of transport. Sometimes to overcome the mountain ranges, abysses or ponds can only be by air, and any other option will cost more than the direct air transportation of the goods.

What are the difficulties to be faced? The first and main disadvantage of air freight is the high cost as we just learned. Due to limited space in the cargo compartments, accommodation of goods can also be more tricky. Not all localities have airports of the appropriate requirements. You have to plan the route based on the logistics infrastructure, and this sometimes causes some inconvenience and increases the overall cost. You may send by air only those international cargoes that are permitted to be imported or exported by the legislation of respective countries and airlines. One others obligatory condition is the presence of the necessary documentation and compliance with the requirements of the customs declaration.

What benefits will you get if you do choose the air route? Fast delivery time - sometimes only a few hours. High level of safety - the probability of loss or damage of air cargo in the air is practically zero. Insurance, which is the basis for compensation in case of missed deadlines or damage. Monitoring of movements throughout the entire journey. Ease of processing: Documents are checked only at the point of departure and upon arrival, no matter how many borders the plane crosses.

When it is advisable to use air transport, and how to transport goods with a maximum of profit, safety and speed? The company "DGM Luxembourg-Findel Sarl", working in the field of air transportation for more than ten years, knows the answers.

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